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you may not rest nowyou may not rest may not rest may not rest now...
welcome to the rift

The Rift is the home to an elusive council of 66 reveries. The Reveries have been shattered into 6 primary factions, whose multilayered conflicts and vibrations shape the worlds around us.

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the reveries

A secretive group, much of their inner workings are unknown to outsiders. However, rumors persist that they possess powerful abilities related to manipulating reality, which they use to further their own goals.


faction: indigenous | owned by: compakt


faction: elemental | owned by: gr3g


faction: elemental | owned by: Quirintas


faction: experimental | owned by: dustt


faction: vellian | owned by: WBLands


faction: experimental | owned by: ryvor
the world is our muse

Both nowhere and everywhere, The Reveries are an interdimensional collective of visionaries, creators and risk takers – each on their own journey throughout The Rift.